Allocation and Resource Management Services

On this page, you will find a centralized list of links to several powerful tools that will allow you to make changes to your PSC grant or account, view critical information, create reports regarding your grant, and stay informed regarding the status of PSC systems and machines.

The PSC Grant Management System

The PSC Grant Management System allows you to make changes to your grant and to retrieve detailed information regarding your PSC allocation, job runs,and grant status. The system is simple and easy to use. This online site is available to all PSC users and offers more powerful tools for PIs and Co-PIs to manage their grant with.

Online Documentation for the PSC Grant Management System

PSC Add User Page

Add Users to your PSC Grants

PSC Grant and Affiliation Information

Follow this link to a section from the PSC homepage to read detailed information regarding how to apply for and receive a grant at the PSC as well as general PSC grant policy information.

Working With the PSC

Follow this link to learn general information about the PSC and our many programs that are designed to advance the goals of the scientific community.

PSC News and Posts

The News and Posts page will detail any PSC machine maintenance, PSC network outages, proposal submission deadlines, and other PSC news. Check here to read the latest news.

Need Help?

PSC is committed our users continued success. We provide the following resources for dealing with problems:

PSC Help Desk
The Help Desk is available 9AM-8PM Monday-Friday, EST, and Saturday, 9AM-4PM at 1-800-221-1641.
Remarks Email
For less urgent matters, you can send email to REMARKS mail will be responded to within one business day of being received.
Allocations Department
To speak with our Allocations Department regarding PSC grant policies, call 412-268-7143 between 9AM-5PM EST, Monday-Friday.
Grants Email
Our Allocations Department can also be reached by email at

Other Useful Links


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